Hospice Care

We now offer the service of Hospice care in one of our assisted living homes for the Ann Arbor area.

We have teamed up with several local Ann Harbor Hospice care providers to offer the best end of life care possible in a warm friendly home environment.

End of life issues are very emotionally draining on surviving family members. Many of our hospice clients would prefer to spend their remaining days with the ability to have their loved ones near them in the warmth and comfort of a home environment. We offer this service as a welcome alternative to a large sterile hospital or nursing home environment!

Often times the home that our hospice clients are currently living in are not suitable for end of life care; we therefore now offer one of our own homes to provide for their care in the Ann Arbor area.

Our staff are professionally managed and specifically trained for end of life care to provide the most comfort possible to our clients. Our homes are also designed with our client’s family members in mind. We often will have a guest bedroom setup for out of town family to spend the night if needed. We also have family rooms setup to allow the family members to relax in comfort and have the ability to privately interact with other family members. It is our goal to have the end of life experience for our clients in a comfortable, caring and loving environment.

Hospice Care in nearby towns: