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When you are seeking caregivers in the Los Angeles are there are many choices to choose from. There are however certain criteria you as senior or the family member of a elderly person needing home care need to look into. When hiring a home care agency you should ask the following questions as they are crucial to the overall health of seniors and those getting services from the agency

  • Is the agency you are working with licensed
  • Is the Agency Registered With The Home Care Bureau Of CA ( This allows clients to see caregivers who are registered with the State and have clean records. All agencies are required to be registered with the state of CA.
  • Is the caregiver agency local with local caregivers
  • Does the caregiver agency accept Long Term Care Insurance
  • Does the agency hire caregivers as employees or as 1099 contractors
  • Make sure the agency is bonded and full insured
  • Agencies should have workers compensation insurance
  • Does the home care company have nurses on staff and can they assist with physical therapy
  • Does the agency provide 24 Hour Live In Care if needed
  • Is there free in home assessment before starting care
  • Is there any long term commitments ?
  • Are there cancellation fees ?
  • Does the provider allow you to met multiple caregivers ?
  • Is the agency flexible with hours ?
  • Is there any hourly minimums ?
  • How much is required at singing do you need to prepare for services ?
  • Is the agency bonded if so how much does the bond cover ?
  • How much liability coverage does the agency provide ?
  • Where does the agency get its workers from ?
  • Does the agency drug test ?
  • Does the agency have time sheets to keep track of caregivers hours
  • Your Direct Health Care also has caregivers who can do overnights and hospital stays
  • Your Direct Health Care gives you a personal care manager when you sign up
  • Your Direct Health Caregivers can assist with bathing and grooming
  • Ask the agency if you can visit office

This is not intended to be the only list you should follow but does provide a great basis to which you should look into.


Agency vs Private Caregivers Pros And Cons

An agency does cost more vs hiring a private caregiver but here is why. When you hire a home caregiver agency you should get

  • Covered Under Insurance ( You as a client are not responsible for taxes)
  • Covered under liability ( You as client are not responsible for any legalities )
  • Have a team of people to help you. Life happens and when your caregiver is sick we will provide another caregiver
  • Get a care team manager if there are ever issues you have someone to talk to
  • When Holidays occur we have caregivers to cover you
  • Agencies due their due diligence by hiring licensed, and background clean workers. When you hire privately you never know who you are hiring sometimes.
  • If you hire a private caregiver and are not doing the correct taxes and something happens like say they file for employment you can be held legally liable and can face damages. If the caregiver gets hurt on your property and you do not have any type of coverage again you can be liable for damages.

What Does Medicare Provide

Medicare ( See what services that can be provided through Medicare) Medicare typically pays for what is called home health care, this is care that would include services as in home physical therapy, nurse visits, home health aide visits for bathing, and other services. It is important to realize that Medicare will not cover at home 24 hour care or meals coming your to your home. 

Who’s eligible For Medicare Services ?

Any one with part A or B Medicare can be covered with Medicare services. You have to be under a physician care in order to get medicare services. 

The Difference Between Home Care, Palliative and Hospice Care

Home care, palliative care, hospice care all differ slightly. Call us now, let our professional staff assist you today! Home health care is a type of service that takes place in the patient’s home. Nurses, licensed
experts, and volunteers visit and assist the patient to treat the patient’s condition. Some services we provide include wound care, most variations of therapy, dietary assistance, and many more. The goal of home care is to provide infinite service to help regain strength and feel self-sufficient as possible. Home care has no set date and time. Home care can last for a short period. This type of care is also available for a longer period of time. Patients whom need the long term tend to experience chronic pain. Palliative care tends to take place most comfortable to the patient. This service is provided at home or a facility. This type of care mainly focuses on treatments. Our main goal is to supply the patient with as much support possible. Patients in palliative care receive treatments, such as, radiation, procedures, and chemotherapy. These treatments enhance the quality of life for the patient. When the patient reaches comfort, the family does as well.Palliative care has no restrictions to age. Any individual with chronic illnesses, whom require curable treatments is fit for the service. Hospice care s for patients whom have half a year of life or less. If a patient is placed in palliative care and the condition of the patient worsens, the patient will later be transferred to hospice care. Hospice provides care and comfort to those patients whom are experiencing incurable illnesses. Patients undergo illnesses at the highest peak, such as, end-stage cancer. Patients in this condition often feel chronic pain corresponding to their illness. If the patient’s
condition improves, the patient placed in hospice will later be discharged

Free In Home Assessment

When you call us here Your Direct Health Care our care team managers will come to your home and do a free assessment. During the home visit we do a proper assessment and determine what your senior loved ones care needs are. We answer any questions you have and do our best to match you with a caregiver that fits your care needs. If you want a free home are assessment then us today

What is In Home Health Support Services ( IHSS)

IHSS helps seniors get services in their home. To qualify you need to be 65years or older or be disabled. This program is classified as a other choice for out of home care vs going into an assisted living for seniors. The caregivers from IHSS are paid through the State so you do not pay out of pocket and they assist with meal preparation, medicine reminders, grocery shopping and personal home service as bathing, grooming, and housekeeping.

Who Qualifies To Get Home Support Services

  • Those who live in the USA
  • Need to be a CA resident
  • Must have Medi-cal
  • You must own a home
  • You can not get services in an acute care hospital or a facility
  • You must also be a California resident.
  • You must have a Medi-Cal eligibility determination.


The Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB) does the licensing for Senior Home Care Organizations. The HCSB also assists with the Home Care Aide enrollment process through the Home Care Aide Registry. The State of California established the Home Care Services Act in January of 2016 which requires Home Care Organizations to be licensed and has a public online registry for home care aides who have passed a background check. This rule was created to protect seniors who were looking to hire home care organizations for home care services. To learn more please see

How IHSS service program works:

  • A Los Angeles County  social worker comes to meet you at your residence to look into if you really need the services.
  • Based on if you can do tasks the Los Angeles County social worker will see what hours you can qualify for.
  • A  (SOC 873) form must be filled out and sent in before services can begin.
  • The county of Los Angeles then indicates whether you have been accepted or denied based on what information was given.
  • If you are not accepted you will be told why you were not accepted approved,
  • If accepted for IHSS, you ned to hire someone to perform the authorized services.
  • You as client are the employer IHSS willpay for the hours you were eligible for but you need to manage the caregiver
  • In Lios Angeles County the county provides the caregivers or you can hire your own

How is IHSS Paid ?

  • Clients can contact social workers that are in charge of their cases and determine whether what the costs will be.  The State issues checks for the caregivers so you as client will not be paying for this service. If you need to learn more about IHSS call our line a 1-877-264-0896 and learn more about your options.

Cost For Caregiver Services In Los Angeles

Perhaps one of the most often questions we are asked is what is the cost. The cost for caregivers services depends on what the level or care is for the client. Let us say you have needs for care for someone who has dementia and they need basic around the home chores this level of cost would be far different that someone who needs full care who is bed bound and wears adult diapers. Let us say you sign up and the hourly rate is $ 20 dollars per hour and you need care for 12 hours per day. So the rate is $ 20 dollar but by CA law anything over 8 hours becomes overtime of 1.5x the normal rate. So if you are getting 12 hours per day at 5 days per week your cost would break down as follows.

8 hours (x) $ 20.00 dollars = $ 160 dollars

4 Hours at overtime makes the rate $ 20 dollars (x) 1.5x =  $ 30 ( x) 4 hrs = $ 120 dollars

12 Hour shift cost is 8 hours at $ 160 dollars and 4 hours at $ 120 dollars making total $ 280 dollars

Now in order to save money you may be better off getting a 24 hour live in caregiver. Live in rates are much less expensive when you hire a live in caregiver at $ 265 dollars per day that is a difference of $ 265 dollars per 24 hour Live vs $ 560 dollars if you are paying $ 20 dollars per hour for two 12 hour shifts. The price difference is $ 295 dollars per day.  Or $ 1,475.00 dollars per week, which makes your savings $ 5,900 dollars per month or $ 70,800.00 dollars per year.

If a live in caregiver is not an option for you then you can consider hiring two caregivers for 6 hours each to make your 12 hour shift or one 8 hour caregiver and another part time caregiver at 4 hours.

6 hours (x) $ 20 dollars = $ 120 dollars ( Caregiver # 1) AND – 6 hours (x) $ 20 dollars = $ 120 dollars ( Caregiver # 2). This would make your cost of a 12 hour shift just $ 240 dollars per day. So at $ 240 dollars per day that i still a difference of $ 40 dollars less per day then if you hire one person for 12 hours. So if you are doing 5 days per week at $ 40 dollars less per day you save $ 200 per week or $ 800 per month which comes to $ 9,600 dollars less per year.

Please not that all major US holidays are overtime. Holidays as Dec 25th, New Years, etc. If you would like a full list of what holidays require overtime call us at 1-877-264-0896

24 Hour Live In Care vs Hourly Caregivers

When you sign up with Your Direct Health Care it is possible to either get hourly care or 24 hour live in care. When you do live in care we have caregivers who can work for a flat live in rate. This benefits customers who are needing full around the clock care. Our caregivers will stay with the client for 24 hours a day and spend the night. For example lets say you need full 24 hour for your parents for 7 days per week. What we would do is let you meet a few caregivers and every 3 to 4 days we would switch the caregivers off. This prevents caregiver burnout and allows you to see what caregivers are doing best for your family member. When you have on call caregivers you get enrolled into a care package that allows you to call us when needed a we provide care as needed. For live in caregivers we do a flate rate. Let us say you hire an hourly caregiver at $ 20.00 dollars per hour and you do 2 shifts at 12 hours each you are now looking at a total cost of 8 hours(x) $ 20 = $160 dollars and 4 Hours (x) [ $20x(1.5 Overtime) = $ 120 ] so the cost for a 12 hour shift hourly runes you $ 280.00 per 12 hours now if you are doing 2 shifts that runs you $ 560 dollars for 24 hours. If you are doing that 5 days per week that is a cost of $ 2,800.00 dollars per week or $ 11,200.00 dollars per month or $134,400 dollars per year. If you do a 24 hour live in care rate we can provide you the care you need for just $ 315 dollars per 24 hours. That runs you $ 1,575.00  dollars per week or $ 6,300 per month which is $ 75,000.00 dollars per year. That is a difference of $ 134,400.00 dollars hourly vs $ 75,000.00 dollars for Live In Care. So with a live in case you literally save $ 59,400.00 dollars per year. For more information about how our live in care works callus at 1-877-264-0896 and speak to one of our care managers.

Things That Cause Seniors To Fall

  1. Remove items that can be tripped on.
  2. Handrails and lights in the home also help prevent falls.
  3. Adding non slip mats for bathroom.
  4. Install grab bars in the bathroom.
  5. Store food on low level reachable areas.
  6. Make sure seniors stay hydrated.
  7. Make sure home stays bright seniors fall when they can not see.
  8. Make sure your senior loved ones have their vision checked
  9. Ask the doctor to review medications regularly for side effects and interactions.
  10. If a senior can not stand on their own getting a walker or wheelchair can help.
  11. Make sure seniors have medical alert systems if they fall.


Call Your Direct Health Care If…

  • You are heating from an illness or were recently released from the hospital and need help while your condition improves.
  • Perhaps you lost your driver license or can no longer drive and need help with getting to the store and doctor appointments.
  • Needing assistance with dressing and showering.
  • Assistance with housework, errands, and grocery shopping.
  • Maybe you need help with medicine reminders and meal preparation our caregivers can assist with that.
  • If you need help with advanced care no worries we have nurse aides and home health aides.
  • When you are at fall risk or have incontinence issues our staff can assist with that
  • Perhaps you or someone you know has dementia or other disease that requires  full care
  • Our caregivers can also do 24 hour live in care and provide around the clock care
  • Your current caregiver needs a break from the house and you need a temporary caregiver
  • Your loved one s at risk for falling or hurting themselves because no one is at home with them
  • Other Care Services:
    • Home Care (Non Medical)
    • Home Health Care (Medical Through Medicare)
    • Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care ( Not all caregivers are trained to deal with clients with this disease)
    • Stroke Care
    • Parkinson’s Care
    • Special Needs Care ( We also take care of children with disabilities )

    Where can we service:

    • Assisted Living Facilities- board care, congregate care, adult home care
    • Nursing Home – Skilled nursing care
    • Independent Living – Senior housing, senior apartments, retirement communities
    • Domiciliary – In your residential homes or apartment


    • English, Arabic, Cantonese Chinese,
      French, German, Hebrew, Hindi,
      Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese,
      Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,
      Vietnamese, Sign Language (ASL)

Home Caregivers You Can Work With

When anyone ages it may not be easy for anyone for admit they need help. Many seniors often resist the idea that they need care and that are perfectly fine. We understand this concept and this is why we try our best to get caregivers and nurse aides that truly care and make  client feel safe with us. All of our caregivers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Your Direct Health Care makes it possible for seniors to get the at home care services they require to give not only elders but their families the peace of mind knowing their senior is being taken care of. We here at Your Direct are local agency that hires local caregivers. We have spent years building up our reputation  and home care credentials to make sure you are getting the best home care services we can offer.

  • We provide free in home assessments
  • Our caregivers are employees
  • We do not subcontract through other agencies
  • We have no start of costs
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • You Get A Specific Care Plan
  • You Get To Meet Multiple Caregivers To Choose From
  • Provide Emergency 24/7 Services
  • Companionship Services

Discounted Caregiver Rates

New clients who enroll with us get a 10% discount on services. When seniors need care we really want to match the correct caregiver for you. Many seniors may need mental stimulation such as playing board games going to the movies and or perhaps going to social outings.  As much as an experienced caregiver is needed we want to get home caregivers in Los Angeles who have the personality to match what you as a senior are needing. Many times errands need to be ran and or clients need to be taken to doctor appointments.


One of the best ways to find more info about us as non medical agency in Los Angeles is to look up our stellar reviews and speak to clients who we have had for years. We have no problems introducing our new possible clients to clients we have had or if you would like a list of references you can call so that you can get a better idea of how we work. Please look up as well on our Yelp Page and Google Accounts to see more about our caregiver services in Los Angeles. You can also look the Department of Social Services ( Home Care Services bureau) to see license numbers. Our background checks that we provide include a live scan fingerprint clearance from the FBI and DOJ. In addition we provide continuous training to our caregivers and home health aides to ensure that their level of care stays current. In addition Your Direct Health Care uses technology to its advantage to keep track of caregivers. Through the use of our proprietary application, our home caregivers can log into their shifts and log out of their shifts. How it works is the caregiver can not log into the shift unless they are  within a certain location of the seniors home.  All the employees we have are fully covered under our workers compensation coverage and liability so this means you have no liability. So our caregivers can provide a vast service of care.

Amazing Aspects About Your Direct Health Care

The staff here at Your Direct Health Care knows how hard it is to watch the ones you lobe become dependent on others and as a highly rated non medical senior home health caregivers agency in Los Angeles our goal is to lighten the burden associated with taking care of a loved one in the home. The staff we hire are all trained and certified and our goal is to ensure that your senior loved one stays at home for as long as possible. In addition to providing the daily activities needed Your Direct Health Care also assists with services as Physical Therapy, Home Health Aide visits, and nursing visits all covered through medicare. In addition we can also take your long term care insurance. Aging does not mean you have to be taken from home and placed into an assisted living facility or nursing home. There are many options in Los Angeles to keeping your senior despite their health conditions at home.

24 Hour Live In Care vs On Call Caregivers

When you sign up with Your Direct Health Care it is possible to either get hourly care or 24 hour live in care. When you do live in care we have caregivers who can work for a flat live in rate. This benefits customers who are needing full around the clock care. Our caregivers will stay with the client for 24 hours a day and spend the night. For example lets say you need full 24 hour for your parents for 7 days per week. What we would do is let you meet a few caregivers and every 3 to 4 days we would switch the caregivers off. This prevents caregiver burnout and allows you to see what caregivers are doing best for your family member. When you have on call caregivers you get enrolled into a care package that allows you to call us when needed a we provide care as needed.


About Us

Need a dynamic home care agency that assists with medical and non medical in home care ? Here at Your Direct Health Care we are always striving to go the extra mile to ensure our clients satisfaction in relation to their health care. Contrasted from many agencies Your Direct health Care aides seniors in Los Angeles with not only their non medical home care needs, but with medical needs as well. Our Agency assists with those who have Medicare, Medical, Health Net, Long Term Care Insurance, and private pay. For those clients who need a more proactive care plan we have 24 Hour Live In Caregivers for around the clock care. What is amazing is that for our Live In Caregiver rates we have a flat rate vs that of paying hourly. Direct Health Care has been in business since 2002 and with many satisfied clients you can have confidence knowing we implement high quality factors to give you the rest of mind that you may seek. Please see our web site for more information about our Los Angeles Caregiver Services

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Why Work!

In the United States, each state has laws that guide caregiver agency practices. Every home care agency in Los Angeles CA is suppose to be certified according to the state law. This is to ensure that public health, welfare, and convenience of the people isn’t jeopardized by the home care agency. Any agency who intends to provide caregiver services should meet these requirements. 1) The Agency need to be licensed with the California Department of Social Services. 2) Agencies need to have workers compensation insurance to caregivers, so that in the event an accident takes place the family is not liable for any injuries to the care provider. 3) Home Care organizations in Los Angeles are to be bonded to protect family from property damage while caregiver is working. 4) Health Care agencies should have a wide pool of qualified background checked individuals for the families to choose from. 5) Caregiver agency should provide free in home assessment and free introduction of potential caregivers to families.  Here at Caregivers Los Angeles CA by Your Direct Health Care we seek  to meet these requirements and many more to help you with your in home health care needs. For additional information see Caregiver Services Los Angeles

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Accepted Insurances

Caregivers Los Angeles CA Insurances

When you are needing Caregivers Los Angeles CA by Your Direct Health Care to come into your home and may be working within a budget then there are some options for you. We can help assist you through the following insurance policies. We can aide you with American General Life (AIG)Bankers Life and Casualty,Berkshire Life,Lincoln Financial Group,New York Life Insurance Company, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company,Prudential Insurance,State Farm Insurance. Ask us about Medicare and Medical for other options.In addition to these be sure to ask us about how IHSS ( In Home Support Services) work. This is a government program that aides those who need care in the home by paying a caregiver to help assist. Be sure to call our department if you needing questions answered.


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